Business Writing for Today and Tomorrow - Valerie Gray

Business Writing for Today and Tomorrow

By Valerie Gray

  • Release Date: 2017-09-14
  • Genre: Reference


Business Writing for Today and Tomorrow:  From Memos to New Media is an interactive textbook that presents readers with business writing techniques and practices. It provides a clear, accurate, and multifaceted approach to writing for business. The textbook engages readers by prompting them to respond to videos, write notes and responses in the book, and complete self-grading quizzes and activities.   The text and activities help readers recognize the importance of writing business documents that are audience-centered, correct, and authentic.  In addition, the text provides a theoretical and historical perspective of business writing. Key topics include business communication processes, ethical writing, peace ventures, report writing, topical writing, employment writing, visual design, conflict resolution, and writing across cultures.