Reflection (Unabridged) - Tyler Lockett

Reflection (Unabridged)

By Tyler Lockett

  • Release Date: 2020-11-03
  • Genre: Drama & Poetry
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Reflection (Unabridged) Tyler Lockett

Summary : Reflection (Unabridged)

Fueled by faith and powered by a strong work ethic, Tyler Lockett's debut book of poetry is a reflective and uplifting journey through topics such as identity, sports, race, relationships, and how to live a purposeful life. As an NFL All-Pro wide receiver and return specialist for the Seattle Seahawks, Lockett draws on his unique perspective as a professional athlete to address life's many challenges, temptations, and rewards. From reminding young people to pursue their dreams, to pleading with a friend not to take his own life, Lockett's poetry encourages audiences to stay positive even when confronting impossible odds. In addition to never-before-published poems, Reflection also includes workshop questions, notes, and inspirational messages that give listeners an opportunity to reflect on their own lives as well.  

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